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Commercial Floor Cleaning Service In Southampton & Portsmouth

EC Cleaners Ltd – Professional Floor Cleaning Quotes, Estimates, Prices, Rates and Costs for Your Home or Business in Southampton, Portsmouth and across Hampshire

Commercial Floor Cleaning Company In Southampton

Southampton Floor Cleaning

Welcome to EC Cleaners Ltd, your reliable and professional commercial flooring and floor cleaners serving Southampton and the surrounding areas of Hampshire and the South Coast.

We specialize in delivering high-quality floor cleaning services for commercial, industrial, and warehouse properties.

Whether you have hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, stone floorings, or tiled floors, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and to receive a quote for your office or factory flooring job or contracts on the South Coast. We offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Southampton Commercial Floor Cleaning Quotes, Costs & Prices

While routine vacuuming and mopping are important for daily hygiene, regular professional floor cleaning is essential for maintaining the longevity and condition of hard surfaces. At EC Cleaners Ltd, we utilize industry-powered equipment and employ a range of effective cleaning and restoration methods tailored to each floor type and condition.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Quotes, Costs & Prices In Hampshire

Our professional floor cleaning services provide proven benefits for a variety of hard surfaces:

Tile and Grout Cleaning: Our specialized deep cleaning service is designed to restore the fresh look of contaminated tiled floorings. We use high-end professional hot water extraction equipment to clean marble, granite, terracotta, ceramic, and natural stone floors, ensuring disinfected and shiny surfaces.

Floor Stripping and Sealing: Some unglazed floor surfaces require additional sealing and protection. We can strip and remove the old sealant before applying a new one to porous floor materials like natural stone, extending their lifespan and preventing pollutants from permeating the surface.

Buffing: Our professional rotary machines are used to buff sealed and protected floors, providing a polished look and attractive lustre. Both tiled and wooden floors can benefit from this service.

Pressure Cleaning: This method involves professional high-pressure cleaning of mainly exterior surfaces. From concrete driveways and patios to walls, fences, and water tanks, our powerful water blast effectively removes organic and non-organic matter such as algae, moss, mould, dust, salt buildup, and graffiti. Pressure cleaning enhances the surface appearance and extends its durability.

Commercial Floor Cleaners Quotes & Prices In Southampton

At EC Cleaners Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services tailored to meet your specific needs. In addition to our floor cleaning services, we also provide high-level cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, gutter cleaning, kitchen cleaning, commercial housekeeping, and janitorial supplies.

Contact us today to request a quote for our commercial floor cleaning or any other cleaning services you require. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Call us on 077120 88360 or use the form below to send your inquiries. We will promptly get back to you with a competitive quote and discuss how we can best meet your cleaning needs. Trust EC Cleaners Ltd for all your commercial cleaning requirements in South Hampshire.

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