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Children’s Daycare & Childcare Centre Cleaning Services In Southampton

Childcare Centre Cleaning Company In Southampton

Elanse Cleaning Services is a full-service professional commercial cleaning company based in Southampton.

We deliver ‘one off cleaning’, ‘deep cleaning’ and daily, weekly or monthly specialist childcare business cleaning services for kids’ clubs, soft play centres, daycare and child minding facilities and other childcare premises in  Southampton, Portsmouth, Havant, Waterlooville, Eastleigh, Fareham and Gosport.

Routine cleaning of your childcare facility by professional cleaners is important not only for the satisfaction of parents but also for the safety of your children and staff. Without proper and regular cleaning, childcare facilities can start accumulating germs, which can spread fast through children’s toys, food and other highly susceptible objects, making your staff and kids sick.

Children are messy and it’s the responsibility of childcare centres to take proper measures to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for their little customers. Regular professional cleaning, disinfection of sensitive areas & objects, preventative maintenance schedule, and following hygiene practices are some of the proven ways to prevent infection and protect kids’ health.

Kid’s Daycare & Childcare Cleaning Company In Southampton

Children in daycare centres are said to be more prone to catching infections than most of us due to their higher exposure to germs. Your entire children’s day care business depends on keeping the children in your care safe and healthy. Parents would never leave their children with a childcare provider who struggles to keep their premises clean.

Our childcare cleaning services are all-inclusive, which means we take care of everything from floor cleaning to carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, toy and equipment cleaning, outdoor glass cleaning, and touchpoint disinfection.

Professional Childcare Cleansing Standards & Requirements

Elanse Cleaning Services strives be the best childcare centre cleaning company on the South Coast. Here are some of the services we recommend to meet cleansing standards and requirements in kids clubs and childcare business premises.

  • Complete surface dirt removal
  • Dirty toys, bedding, utensils cleaning
  • Disinfection of high-touch point areas
  • Sanitising everything that’s present in the center
  • Green cleaning with safe non-toxic supplies
  • Windows, doors, and wall cleaning
  • Stain removal from hard surfaces
  • Complete toilet cleaning

Childcare & Kids Club Cleaning Quote In Southampton

Are you looking for the best quotes for a professional childcare, soft play or kid’s club cleaning job in Southampton?

Request a Cleaning Quote: Tell us about your childcare cleaning requirements and if you have any specialised cleaning needs, please mention that as well.

Meet on-site: We’ll visit your premises to make a detailed analysis of your cleaning needs and provide a tailored cleaning quote and plan to suit your standards and requirements.

Cleaning: Get our specialist team started on your cleaning project as per our agreed schedule. Our gym cleaners are always on time and provide a comprehensive and professional cleaning service

Children’s Daycare Centre Cleaning Business In Southampton

It takes not more than 60 seconds to hire the best gym or health club cleaners on the South Coast. Call us on 077120 88360 or use the form below to send your enquiries. We will call you back promptly.

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