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High Reach & High Access Cleaning In Southampton & Portsmouth

EC Cleaners Ltd – Professional High Access Cleaning Cleaning Quotes, Estimates, Prices, Rates and Costs for Your Home or Business in or near Southampton, Portsmouth, Havant, Waterlooville, Eastleigh, Fareham and Gosport in Hampshire

Southampton High Rise Cleaning Quotes & Estimates

High Level Cleaning Southampton

Welcome to EC Cleaners Ltd, the premier high reach commercial and industrial cleaning services company in Southampton, serving the wider Hampshire area.

Our high access internal and external cleaning services for high rise buildings are second to none and cover Southampton, Portsmouth, Havant, Waterlooville, Eastleigh, Fareham, and Gosport.

Our experienced team of cleaners utilises specialised high level cleaning equipment, developed in-house, to reach heights of up to 30 metres.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including high level cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and jet wash cleaning services, all tailored to suit the specific needs of each job.

Our high level and high access cleaning services are perfect for various commercial buildings, including factories, manufacturing plants, warehouses, stage theatres, churches, freezer and chiller facilities, recreational venues, community halls, retail stores, and more. We offer a full circle of high access cleaning solutions, both internal and external, to provide high rise property managers and owners with the complete package.

High access internal cleaning

Our high access internal cleaning solutions include cleaning and dusting of foyers and lobbies, ceiling fans, air conditioning vents, chandeliers and lighting, columns and architraves, balustrades, window cleaning, mirrors, stairwells, and lift shafts.

High access external cleaning

Our high access external cleaning services include high rise and low rise window and façade cleaning, building wash downs, initial cleans and construction cleans, high pressure cleaning, roof and gutter clearing, stainless steel cleaning, graffiti removal, hard water stain removal, purified water cleaning, installation of bird spikes and netting, and more.

High access property maintenance

We also offer high access property maintenance and building repairs, including façade inspection reports, sign and banner installation and removal, painting and protective coatings, minor façade repairs, roof and gutter clearing, water leak repairs, window and joint sealing, installation of bird spikes and netting, light replacement, and more.

Southampton High Rise Internal & External Cleaning Quotes

Our clients find value in dealing with one service provider for efficiency and simplicity. Our high access window and façade cleaning complements repairs and maintenance services, delivering faster solutions.

For a free estimate of high rise cleaning prices and costs from the best high level cleaners on the South Coast, contact us on 077120 88360 or use the form below to send your enquiries. We will call you back promptly. Choose EC Cleaners Ltd for superior high access cleaning solutions in Southampton.

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